How Much Are Membership Fees?

When you purchase your EBC membership you’ll get access to fantastic savings for a whole year at retailers all over the Gold Coast! Founding Members will pay only $49 (inclusive of GST) to join EBC. Exclusive Members will pay $149 (inclusive of GST) per annum.

What Happens After I Purchase My Membership?

Members are emailed a unique login to the EBC website once EBC receive confirmation from their banking institute that full payment has been received.  The EBC website will then provide a list of participating retailers which members receive a minimum 30% discount on select products and/or services in store.

How Do I Use My Membership?

All transactions take place in store. Members go into the store and purchase the discounted products or services. At checkout, members need to show their membership verification (on their phone) and photo identification at the time of purchase, to receive their discount. The discount will automatically be applied to purchases.

What If I Don’t Have My Membership Details When I Go To Attain My Discount?

At the time of purchase, you will need to provide verification of membership, along with photo identification, in order to receive the advertised discounts.  If members are unable to verify membership at the time of purchase, they will not be entitled to receive the discount.

How Long Is My Membership Valid For?

Memberships are valid for a 12 month term with an automatic renewal at the expiry of the initial 12 month term.  The membership fee (inclusive of any other zones purchased) will be automatically debited from the nominated credit card or stripe account.

Can I Cancel My Membership at Any Time?

Members have the ability to cancel their membership at any time during the term of membership, however no refunds will be issued regardless of the duration the member has been a subscriber.   Members must email their cancellation of membership notice giving 30 days written notice to info@exclusiveboysclub.com.au.  Members will receive an automatic cancellation email within 24 hours confirming cancellation has been received and the date with which cancellation is effective.

For a complete list of Terms and Conditions, click here